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No comment vs. No comments

Пока умные люди слишком много думают на форуме вот здесь:

Definitely use No Comment.

No Comment has come to be the reply of all people who don't want to screw up and say the wrong thing while being interviewed. No Comment is used even if it seems more logical to say no comments. I guess the only place where I can think of that the words "no comments" are used is in the context of a sentence like "He had no comments about the murder" or when someone is ending an address "I have no further comments." "No Comment" would only be used when someone is replying to a question that he doesn't want to answer where he woud say "I have no comment."


а Википедия даёт статью под названием "no comment",

Гугл рисует чёткую картину отношения общества к обоим вариантам:

"no comments" - 502,000,000 results
"no comment" - 51,800,000 results

Так что, как говорится, ноу комментс!
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